''P2T Consulting Ltd enables educators and academics to appreciate and deliver impact through proven developmental and learning programmes”


P2T Consulting Ltd offers consultancy services for leaders and practitioners at every level of education.

Our consultants bring personal experience and insights that span every level of education by drawing on their careers that started in the 1980s. Their journeys have embraced the many seismic changes in the educational landscape in the UK. Career progression saw them having to respond to these initiatives, implement and deliver new curricula regardless of the research evidence and concern of the profession. Having risen to the top of their professions our consultants can now provide perspectives that allow today’s educational leaders to transform their immediate challenges into action that allows regulatory compliance as well as staying true to their moral and ethical codes.

Our consultants are experienced at translating policy initiatives into institutional vision and subsequently implementation plans. In addition our consultants can work with practitioners to convert these plans into programmes of study and learning, support with research based pedagogic tools and techniques. 


We would encourage that any programme should have an introductory residential event, subsequent interventions to maintain enthusiasm and consolidate learning, a concluding event to allow reflection and development of future plans. The participants will share common elements yet our programmes allow tailoring for different groups e.g. ECRs or PIs from STEM , Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Health.

The programmes can act as preparation for ICURe (or as a selection activity for...ICURe). Successful completion would focus on making the participants “better” ECRs, PIs (whatever success criteria each is “measured” against.

If you are thinking about discreet stand-alone sessions we can build them as elements of a programme of support and education which participants and their funders can access at appropriate times. Allowing learning to build at a pace determined by the institution.

  • Collaborative Learning (Stepping stones to success)

  • Ideation

  • Networking
    Using Social Media
    Building a personal brand

  • Introduction to Communication

  • Effectuation 

  • Effectual thinking vs Managerial Thinking

  • Resource Profiles and capacity building

  • The Entrepreneurial Mind Set

  • Business Modelling

  • Value Proposition Identification and modelling 

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Planning for Success

  • Exploiting Opportunities

  • Building the “Right” team – finding the right people

Customer Conversations

o How to start

o How to prepare for

o How to conduct

o How to build trust

o How to reflect and learn from

• Accessing your institutions resources and support

Then more specifically for emerging institutional agendas;

  • Intellectual Property; protecting and managing


Whatever we produce and deliver, it will be authentic, experiential and built around the work of Kirketerp, Bandura and Sarasvathy.  We use conceptual models and activities to demonstrate these principles and participants will take away many tools and resources. 

We can provide access to a bespoke VLE should institutions wish this – or license materials for the institution to disseminate via its own VLE. 

We are happy to come and discuss any ideas if that would help.

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